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Accessible Transport Group (ATG) is a registered charity that provides accessible transport services for people in the West Midlands who experience mobility impairment or social isolation in urban and rural environments.

This is achieved primarily through the provision of Ring and Ride, the door-to-door minibus service and also operations under contract to provide home-to-school services and local subsidised bus services.

We are the largest accessible transport provider in the United Kingdom employing over 900 staff and operating over 600 vehicles from 6 depots across the West Midlands.

The structure of the group and operating companies is as follows:

ATG Company Structure


Accessible Transport Group Ltd. - charity no. 700370

is the Group Holding company and holds all property assets. It provides the Head Office functions and it delivers training and qualifications to ATG staff and to external bodies.

Accessible Transport Group is overseen by their own board of trustees:

  • Paul Beecham
  • Richard Brooks
  • William Coffin
  • Nick Hall-Palmer
  • Jackie Robinson
  • Jane Robson

Ring and Ride West Midlands Ltd. - charity no. 700370-1

provides the Ring and Ride service in the seven metropolitan districts of the West Midlands: Birmingham, Coventry, Dudley, Sandwell, Solihull, Walsall and Wolverhampton.

Ring and Ride is a separate charity overseen by their own board of trustees:

  • Stewart Stacey (Chair)
  • Paul Beecham
  • Cllr Allah Ditta
  • Cllr Kath Hartley
  • Cllr Roger Horton
  • Mike Hughes

ATG Contract Services Ltd. - charity no. 700370-2 

operates local authority contracts, primarily special education transport contracts, health sector contracts and subsidised bus routes under the 'igo' brand.

ATG Contract Services is a separate charity overseen by the following board of trustees:

  • Richard Brooks (Chair)
  • Mark Fancett
  • Jane Robson